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lørdag 28. februar 2009

About word verification on comments!...

After removing word verification on comments on my blog, I received crap/junk comments from different anonymous bloggers.... :((( Because of this, I have - from this moment on, chosen to activate word verification on comments on my blog, again!

I have had to remove lots of crap comments from different blog posts this afternoon.... I automatically receive e-mails when people post comments to my blog, and this way, easily can find which blog post is commented on. Spam is easily discovered this way.

I DO NOT want to bother ANYONE with the necessity of word verification. But I NEED it, that is MY experience. I do NOT want loads of crap comments! Hope you understand!! Thank you for listening to me for a moment!...

Have a nice Saturday evening, all of you!.. - Whether you are the ones that really wish we could stop word verification without getting spam (like myself) and to those brats who bother taking the time to annoy decent bloggers, leaving crap comments at their blogs (find something more meaningful to do, please) !!!...

Thanks for stopping by, to all visitors with goodness and kindness in minds and hearts!!.....

2 kommentarer:

Kim Piggott sa...

So sorry that you have had that inconvenience. I certainly understand if you enable word verification it's the only way to sort spam sometimes.
kim x

Aud sa...

Så dumt at du får så masse søppelpost i bloggen din... :(
Skjønner at du vil prøve å skjerme deg mot det, og jeg har ingen motforestillinger mot ordbekreftelser, går så greit, så. =0)

Vil få ønske deg riktig god bedring! Håper du snart blir bra igjen!