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~ Gail Purcell Elliott ~

mandag 16. februar 2009

I'm an OWOH winner, too! :o)

Look what is going to reach me, all the way from Megan (Artnomadix Wearable Art) in Australia!!.. I'm one of three winners in her OWOH giveaway drawing! :) Take a look at her amazing creations of wearable art!... I love her rainbow coloured creations, amongst others! Check out the flower pixie hat ~ any little girl would fall in love with it, don't you think?..

It's been such a fun event, the "One World, One Heart" ~ and all the beauty I have seen...! ~ I have "met" the nicest people and found inspiration...! ~ It's been totally amazing, with all the 911 participants, who I couldn't visit in such a short time.. So, I'm glad the OWOH website will keep the bloglist of participants available for 6 months. In that way I will have a chance to visit all! Thanks to Lisa Swifka, the host of the event, for all the fun I had taking part in it! :o)))

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Lisa Lectura Creations sa...

Hi Hege! Wow, great goodies! I always cross my fingers to see if luck is on my side with giveaways. Luck was definitely on my side this time. I'm so happy that OWOH has given us this opportunity to get to know so many bloggers from all over the world. And I love that the list of participants will stay on the site for me to catch up with.

Creative Blessings,
Lisa :)