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~ Gail Purcell Elliott ~

torsdag 12. februar 2009

OWOH - the winners of my giveaway are.....

Excited today?... I am!!! :)

My 7 year old son has helped me picking the winners, by choosing numbers - and I have counted and counted, in the list of comments, to find the winners! :o) I wish and hope Blogspot in the future will find a way to assign a number to each comment, to make this easier... :)

No more talking! Here are the winners:

1) Just Jenn Designz

2) jet1960

3) Enzie at World Market Portraits

Congratulations!! :))) I will contact you immediately, via mail and/or your blogs, and I will start shipping as soon as I get your addresses. Have a nice day out there! :)

2 kommentarer:

Enzie at World Market Portraits sa...

Hi Hege,

I am excited to win a gift from so far away! Thank you!

All the best,

Anonym sa...
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