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mandag 2. mars 2009

Telegrafbukta, Tromsø, March 1st 2009 + Norwegian national championship in reindeer racing 2009, February 8th

Some photos taken yesterday afternoon when I went for a walk in Telegrafbukta with my friend Benedicte. It was very windy and cold - taking the photos made my right hand go very cold!!... I can't get the ring off my finger today, either...!
This area attracts people, and then especially in the warmest season. A music festival called "Buktafestivalen", is being arranged in the summer. Last year Iggy Pop, among others, could be seen and heard on stage here.

My friend Benedicte, from Oslo.

And me - freezing, but happy!


And then, some photos from The Norwegian national championship in reindeer racing 2009, February 8th, here in Tromsø. The three first ones are taken by Benedicte. She really leaned over the fences to get these great shots! :) The race was held in Tromsø's main street, Storgata.

My dear son, Hans-Kristian. I have to mention it was COLD this day. Cold, but good winter weather! We had put on both cold cream and good, warm woollen garments! :)

Hans-Kristian is taking a look at the prizes.

End of race and winners are to be given their prizes:

That was some winter photos from Tromsø, yes. Have a nice week! :)
Since there's waiting time for appointments at the physiotherapist, I will try to get an appointment for massage while I wait. Just hope I don't have to queue up there, too!..

Take care of yourselves and your beloved ones! :) Hugs from Hege.

3 kommentarer:

Maya sa...

Åhhhh guriland så lekre natur bilder!!
Så kaldt ut *brrr* men nyydelig!!
Og reinsdyr kappkjøring kan jeg tenke meg er moro å se på!
Att de tør :)
Klem fra Maya

Kim Piggott sa...

Wow! These photos are brilliant!
Thank you so much for sharing beautiful Norway!
kim x

Mónica Zúñiga sa...

OMG, That looks really cold! I think I would totally freeze there! Lol! It looks so beautiful though, I´m sure you have lots of fun there, you all look very happy! :)

Greetings from Mexico city!