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lørdag 19. februar 2011

I recommend everyone who loves stamping, both digital and rubber stamps + clear stamps, to READ THIS!

I have never shared or given away any digital images. I respect the work of art done by the ones designing digital stamps. I respect the work of art done by the ones putting their hard effort into designing rubber stamps/clear stamps, too! No one is allowed to sell stamped images or printed digital images!!!!!!! I am horrified by the thought that any one, respectlessly actually would SELL stamped images or printed images!!! 

Swapping is a theme too, for discussion, concerning stamped images. I know people have offered stamped images in blog candies - I have entered such blog candies.... And I have offered some, too. Because I thought it was okay, seeing others doing it. But I now understand, it is not okay... I have heard about people being to scrap events, borrowing stamps and other scrapping supplies from each other for the occasion. I don't think many people look upon it as wrong.... The stamp producers want us to be aware!

I have always been strict on myself considering the digi stamps, though no one ever asked me for a digi image. I must be just as strict when it comes to rubber and clear stamps. No more stamped images in blog candies on my blog! 

I encourage all of you, reading this, who loves stamping - to check out the site I've linked to. Be aware of  angel policy on stamps, if you are not already!!! :-)

THINK about it; if YOU were the artist, designing stamps. Would YOU like that your images were sold or given away/swapped?.... Just give it a moment of thought!

Take care!! 


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Anonym sa...
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Cor* sa...

I'm with you Hege! Although I will continue to provide small RAKS of stamped images, I would never share a digi or swaps! Good for you for posting this!