"Think you can't change the world? Too late, you already have. It was changed for the better the minute you were born. There are more people than you can imagine who will never be the same because they came in contact with you, if only for a fleeting moment."
~ Gail Purcell Elliott ~

søndag 21. oktober 2012

An update - at last

Here's an update.
I've decided to step down from all DTs...

I'm forced to do this because of my studies.
It's a matter of priority.
It's a bit sad, but....

I thank each and every one on all DTs I step down from; the  Card and Scrap DT, the CLP DT and the Prairie Fairy DT, for a great time together with you on such wonderful teams!! Thank you so much!! 

See you in blogland, still. 
I will be back. :-)

Take care, my friends!

Hugs from me to you

6 kommentarer:

Sol sa...

Håper å fortsatt se noen nye kor fra deg innimellom...
:o) Lykke til med studiene!! :o)

Kort og Søm sa...

Lykke til med studiene!
klem :O)

Hege-Annie Simonsen sa...

Tuuuusen takk, begge to! <3

Anne sa...

Lykke til med studier og alt du har gående, håper du kommer sterkere tilbake senere. :)

Klem! :)

Hege-Annie Simonsen sa...

Takk for det, Anne! :)

Riktig god helg!

Anonym sa...
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